About Us

Welcome Walks USA


Welcome Walks is the brainchild of Lynn Griffith, CMP, the CEO of Welcome Events. Welcome Events is an award-winning WBENC-Certified event management company. For 30 years, Lynn and her team have created extraordinary events and team-building programs for Fortune 500 corporations, seeking always to innovate and bring something impactful to each event.

Now Griffith’s team of experts takes that experience in teambuilding and sightseeing and blends it with the latest smart phone technology. They then create tours that provide insight into a destination’s individual history, local cuisine, art and architecture, unique community, and popular culture. Guiding the audience with its GPS enabled app and mobile website, Welcome Walks engages audiences of all ages with the evocative sights and sounds of cities near and far. Using the latest emerging technology and carefully researched and crafted content, Welcome Walks responds to the latest trends in business travel.


  • We are green. There is no waste left behind on a WW tour.
  • We provide a captivating experience for business travelers who may not otherwise know how to approach a new city, and a worthwhile activity for their families while they are tied up in meetings.
  • We offer an opportunity to maintain wellness while also seeking out adventure. Each Welcome Walks tour covers about 2.5-3 miles of each city.
  • We take you where you are going and ensure that you remember your journey!


To plug you into the heart and culture of a city with adventure at your fingertips. To help you discover America one step at a time.


Educate. Engage. Excite. Energize.