Let’s take a trip back through time to the Emerald Isle. Starting with the early Vikings and continuing through medieval times , the Norman conquest and Independence to current day Ireland. Thousands of castles dot the landscape. Many are in ruins while others have been restored. This tour highlights 12 of best known castles.

Ireland: Castles, Clans and Conquests

As one of the oldest cities in our nation, a walk through Philadelphia yields a certain sense of connection to our past. Let’s explore a powerful part of our nation’s history, with stops including Benjamin Franklin’s home and post office, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross’ home, the history of our flag, and the Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia: Birthplace of a Nation

Come explore Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn District, a neighborhood pivotal to the country’s Civil Rights history, and a hub for change. We’ll explore several important monuments to the cause, including the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr, the John Lewis Memorial, and the Madam CJ Walker museum.

Atlanta: Sweet Auburn and Civil Rights

Throughout the world we share a common thread; our holidays are about holding together, regardless of the particulars. Even when everything seems dark and cold, there is someone out there singing a song, lighting a candle, or donning a Krampus suit to give someone a good fright. All in the name of waiting together, and hoping for the best. Humanity is an adventure all its own, and it’s beautiful. Happy Holidays. May we all have a new adventure soon.

Holidays Around the World

Robert and Dotty Webber lived in a one room log cabin without electricity or running water for over 50 years. Their lifestyle was simple and sacred, inspiring generations of families. friends and sole guests. The purpose of Mountain Souls is to preserve and promote the legacy of the Webbers.

Mountain Souls

Mountain Souls