Come explore Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn District, a neighborhood on the pulse of the country’s Civil Rights history, and a hub for change. We’ll explore several important monuments to the cause, including the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr, the John Lewis Memorial, and the Madam CJ Walker museum.


Atlanta: Sweet Auburn & Civil Rights

One of the most historically significant cities in the country, Boston is home to some of the nation’s oldest buildings and several archaeological sites in addition to newer landmarks. We’ll take you through an entire timeline of events and impactful locations—from the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere’s famous ride to the Holocaust Museum.


Boston : Revolution

21.30 miles Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood is one of the most desirable zip codes in the continental United States, home to centuries’ old mansions and the center of Massachusetts state government. We’ll walk you through Boston Commons and a portion of the Black History Trail, as well as historical churches and municipal buildings.


Boston – Beacon Hill: A Stroll Through Society Row

Take a walk through one of the most ethnically diverse cities in North America. Houston boasts over 145 spoken languages, 10,000 restaurants, and a bright and moving history that draws people in to this massive city. On this tour, we’ll explore Houston from the skyline down to the tunnels underground. This tour covers a number of historical, financial, and cultural sites that built up a city of many languages and cultures, including the unusual Duke of Hollywood Tailors, the disputed JP Morgan Chase Tower, the optically impressive Pennzoil Place building, and the famously instagramable Houston is Inspired Mural.



Enjoy the light ocean breeze and colorful backdrop as we take you through Miami Beach’s vibrant Art Deco Historic District. Learn the stories of a city revitalized and how the whimsical architecture and colorful personalities transformed this swampland into an iconic U.S. vacation destination.

Miami Beach

Art Deco Historic District

Allow New Orleans to enchant you with its deep heritage and vibrant culture. As you uncover the secrets that whisper through the streets of the French Quarter, we will share the stories behind some of New Orleans most notable and notorious characters. This tour covers the area surrounding Jackson Square, exploring a variety of historical homes, shops, and restaurants including the Pontalba Apartments, the Lalaurie Mansion, and the Old Absinthe House.

New Orleans

French Quarter

This is a quiet place of magical grace far from the industrial activities on the waterfront or the party atmosphere of the French Quarter. The Garden District is an opulent enclave of mansions , built to remove its affluent citizens from the everyday life of the rest of New Orleans, sheltering them amid the quiet streets, elegant trees and lovely gardens. Join us as we walk through an amazing collection of garden homes and explore their history. Some come alive with stories of long ago. Others have served as recent movie locations. Whatever the homes and their stories, the Garden District is an elegant and unforgettable area tucked away and waiting for you to explore.

New Orleans

New Orleans Garden District

Despite being one of the oldest cities in our nation, a walk through Philadelphia still yields a certain sense of connection to our collective past. Let’s explore a powerful part of our nation’s history, with stops including Benjamin Franklin’s home and post office and the Liberty Bell.


Philadelphia: Faces of the Nation

The Gaslamp Quarter is a small section of San Diego’s sweeping metropolis, but it’s packed with rich history and scandal alike. Join us as we explore carriage works, haunted hotels, the favoured haunts of such characters as lawman Wyatt Earp and Ah Quin (the unofficial but beloved mayor of Chinatown), and much much more.

San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter

Surround yourself with the incredible architecture and substantial influence of DC’s Embassy Row. On this tour you will learn about the socialites of the past who originally shaped the culture of this neighborhood and the diplomats of today who are shaping international relations around the world.

Washington, D.C.

Embassy Row

Washington DC is the heartbeat of our nation, home to our capitol, our legislature, and a lot of really intriguing history. (They have the Smithsonian, after all.) If politics seem dry to you, we aim to change that—from the cloak and dagger intrigue of the Pinkerton Detective Agency to the infamous tragedy of the Lincoln assassination, we’ll examine the events and locations that changed our nation.

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC Historical